FAFSA applications now require all students and one parent to create a FSA ID. This FSA ID can be completed at FSAID.ED.GOV.  This new ID will serve as student and parent electronic signatures and will replace the no longer effective PIN (Personal Identification Number). In some situations, we have found when creating FSA ID’s may take up to 1-3 days for Social Security Administration to verify identities of applicants. We want you to be keenly aware of this due to the strict deadline of March 10. It is important that students and parents write down or record in smart phones their FSA ID, password, security questions, significant date, and save key which they create during the process. They will need this information to complete subsequent FAFSA applications.
  • Should I file the FAFSA?
    If you are attending any type of post secondary institution you should file the FAFSA.  Even if you do not think you will be financially eligible for grant money, schools still base loans and other financial assistance on the completion of the FAFSA form.  If you are a 21st Century Scholar it is a strict requirement that you file the FAFSA by the March 10 deadline in order to be eligible for your 21st Century Scholarship money.
    The FAFSA is now available October 1, 2016 and is based off of your 2015 tax information.  After that date you can access it at www.fafsa.gov.  The FAFSA is free to file.  You should not be asked to pay to file the FAFSA.  If you are, check the url and make sure you are at .gov.  This is a common mistake that occurs and can cost you approximately $80!!  The deadline in the state of Indiana to file your FAFSA is March 10, 2017 but some private colleges have a March 1 deadline.  Please check with your college to ensure you meet their deadline.